End of Year Travel

September was a really great month for results on paying down balances, and it was practically effortless. Nothing was going on that month! October, November, and December on the other hand – different story. Traveling is a bigger part of my life┬ánow in Boston than it ever was when I was in New York. Traveling doesn’t just mean accounting for plane and train tickets, but also for spending money on going out with the people I don’t get to see for months at a time. Meeting up with people for brunch, dinner, and drinks can easily spiral out of control if there aren’t some limits. To give myself hard-stops on spending and in order to have fun within my means, I planned my allowances for each of the four major trips I will be making before 2015.

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Ending the Spending Fast

The one thing this month that has kept me from irrationally and impulsively spending money has been my job. I’m very, very busy. I’m learning a lot about accounting and business management. I’ve only been able to slightly recognize the resentment I’m feeling towards my salary losing its hourly value as I exceed 40 hours every week. I’m so excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Xmas New Years beaks so I can spend time with family and friends. I’m still driven to get rid of my credit card debt even if it’s going to take a little longer than I hoped. Continue reading Ending the Spending Fast