(Reprise) Smell Ya Later, New York: Street Harassment

Ladies: when someone tells you that street harassment is actually a compliment, they are telling you to shut up. Never shut up.

Originally posted on a blog from yesteryear, I unearthed a beauty of a post on a subject that is receiving a lot of responses lately thanks to the video above. I’ve come across facebook posts where folks are trying to open up earnest conversations about why “God Bless You” and “Have a Nice Day” are considered harassment, and I’ve seen videos of men telling women they’re thinking about it wrong and they should be thrilled to be receiving compliments. I’m happy that some people¬†are taking the time to analyze the issue, and I dreadfully disappointed that there are men and women¬†who fail to analyze AND empathize. See below: Continue reading (Reprise) Smell Ya Later, New York: Street Harassment