Feeding-and-Exercising of Self Plan for Week of March 1st – March 7th

I haven’t written for myself in awhile (that’s not true, but I’m not going to share it here). Last night I wrote a grocery list and plotted out a week’s worth of meals and an exercise plan. I traveled for 2 weekends in a row and last week I ate take-out for every meal from Monday-Friday. I feel puffy and weak from not getting enough sleep whatsoever for 2 weeks straight, not getting enough exercise due to exhausting myself by sitting at a damn desk all day, and exclusively eating sandwiches. After the holidays I went low carb for a week and a half and I lost 3 lbs. I would love to lose 8 lbs and be my pre desk-job self, but I’d have to take up smoking cigarettes and only eating twice every other day to be like that again. I like having boobs and an ass, I guess.

This morning my refrigerator was completely empty. This afternoon, I rented a ZipCar and went to Stop & Shop to change that. List, meal plan, and links to recipes below: Continue reading Feeding-and-Exercising of Self Plan for Week of March 1st – March 7th


Hump Day! What’s On My Plate

When I said that food was one of the things I gave an F about, I HOPE you didn’t think I meant only health food. I recognize the value of a bowl of quinoa when it’s stuck in someone else’s teeth and I love kale when it’s been stuck in a blender with other non cruciferous produce. There are just some things that get in between me and eating like a food blogger with an SLR camera every day. Sometimes I’m too exhausted from working all day and exercising so I just grab something easy, and sometimes I’m like… Ew, quinoa. Who the hell made you popular? Seriously, I’m going to make quinoa the next food allergy fad when everyone realizes that bread is AWESOME and has not been causing their first world problems. All of my feelings about the much praised grain aside, the biggest obstacle between myself and always cooking healthy food is my kitchen.

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