IT’s ma birthday.

As of today, 26 is how many years I have spent on this planet. Today I’m celebrating by not brushing my hair, not showering, definitely not putting on a bra, and laying in bed to drift between sleep and my tumblr dash. I love that it is an overcast chilly day. I am not doing a goddamn thing except celebrating my ability to just be. Last week I worked Monday-Saturday, 6 days and 60 hours of intensity, and I am very, very tired.

BIRTHDAY PRESENT REQUEST: Before I dig into the details of my weekend, I want anyone who reads this to check out a GoFundMe page to buy prescription formula for a baby I know with a milk allergy that has caused her a lot of pain. Click and donate here: I’ve never met this baby, but I used to hang out with her mom when I was a kid. I really don’t like some people’s baby photos popping up on Facebook, but I really LOVE seeing this baby girl growing up because she had such a difficult start at life. It’s amazing to see what perseverance and love does to make someone grow and become a healthy, adorable little nugget. Last night I donated $50, the cost of one can of the only formula her tummy can tolerate. If you read this blog, I strongly encourage you to make a random act of kindness, even if you don’t know the recipient, and send some cash her way. Just think about contributing towards putting a smile on this little one’s face and helping her grow big and strong. DO it. Don’t tear up now… just DO IT!

Now that you’ve done what I asked…

Friends from Brooklyn visited Boston over the weekend, and my stomach hurts from laughing so much. Last night I realized that I hadn’t posted anything on facebook or instagram capturing any of the togetherness or fun I had with my friends, and that’s only because it was the last thing on my mind while we were all together. Oops.

Saturday: Went into the office at 7:30am and got out at 5:00pm when I finished everything I needed to in order to take today off. To get my blood flowing, I walked to the train station to pick up my friend from New York. We went out to a place called Silhouette Lounge and had a lovely time with cheap pitchers of beer flowing like wine. I managed to only spend $40 which is an accomplishment I’m quite proud of. Really happy a bunch of other people were willing to fund my fun and pay for cabs to get us around.

Sunday: Went to Darryl’s Corner Kitchen for a brunch buffet. Yes. A brunch buffet. There were eggs, mac and cheese, fried chicken, bacon, sausage, collard greens, pancakes, rice and beans, and potatoes all laid out in chafing dishes just ready to be piled onto plates and eaten immediately. It was about $25/person, and the only disappointing thing about it was that my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I could only fit one plate of it all in my body. Another great part about this place is there’s live jazz. The section we were sitting in was pretty much all white folks, and at one point the singer wandered over with her mic to “holler at the suburbs and leave y’all alone cause it can get weird up in the suburbs but welcome to the city.”

In the afternoon my friend Heather and I used up a $100 gift certificate at Atlantic Fish. We sat on the patio with oysters, champagne, tons of bread, bowls of lobster bisque, and red velvet cake (on the house because our server was lovely). We were there for about 4 hours, and every moment was great. Back at my apartment, we watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, John Mulaney Standup, and then many many episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy American Wedding. I fucking love that show.

All in all, the greatest parts of my birthday weekend are impossible to convey here.



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