Halfway Through The Spending Fast – $1,190 Down

Fifteen days down, fifteen to go. Today debits went out for my student loans, savings transfer, cell phone, and three out of five credit card bills. Discover, Amex, and Chase Sapphire received payments of $100 each, and I paid off the entire $890.37 balance on my credit card with the highest interest rate. So far this month, I’ve knocked out $1,190.37 and I still have one more card to pay a minimum of $100 to. My goal was to pay down $1,400, but I’m waiting on seeing how my freelance work goes before I settle for that amount.

Now that I’m down to paying for only 4 cards, next month I’ll be paying $100 each to the cards with the lower balances and lower interest rates: Amex, Chase Sapphire, and Bank of America; and $500 to to the card with the highest interest rate and biggest balance: Discover.

My favorite part about not spending is that I don’t have to worry about checking my balance twice a day (I always check it at least once) and forecasting what my balance will be in time for bills to be deducted. I caught a cold over the weekend and I can’t think straight, so that’s it on thoughts for now.



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