I Lived Through A Whole Week

I had a tumultuous week with myself, and now it’s time for 3-day weekend. Hooray for the 9-5 life. This weekend all the college kids flock back to Boston. There’s a special buzz in the air as many of them are on the eve of their first college class, first STD, etc. Oddly, this week I decided I’m going to try college again and shoot for a different abbreviated disease to give myself: an MBA. More on that to come. Let the reviewing begin.

Finance category

It’s obsessive of me to do this, but the first thing I check on my iPhone when I wake up on Saturday morning is my Mint.com weekly financial summary. It’s the end of the month and I’m mentally preparing myself for the Spending Fast starting on Monday, so I decided to take a look at the breakdown for August.


My life is dominated by bills
My life is dominated by bills.

Top Expenses

  • This month I spent $1,200 on “Bills & Utilities” aka Credit Card payments. 
  • Rent is a close second at $1,000 (people I’m telling you, Boston is NOT a renter’s market).
  • Food and Dining held 16% of my expenses for the month at a horrifying $615. There were two mini road trips in the mix that required us to go out to eat for all meals, but my stressful month at work was the biggest offender here. I didn’t make time to grocery shop or pack myself lunches (I normally skip breakfast because who cares), so I got most of my meals from the expensive lunch joints in downtown Boston. Next month, I will have only $200 to sustain my moody eating habits. No more $10 sandwiches.
  • Education is next. I pay a paltry $336 a month in student loans. It’s the bare minimum, but for now it’s also what I can handle with my other endeavor to eliminate the credit card debt. And within 4-6 months, I might be increasing my student loan balance depending on how things go with applications for the MBA I mentioned up there.
  • Shopping — I never go shopping. Normally I err on the side of austerity out of fear that I’ll walk into a store, see something enrapturing, and lose all self control to blow $200 on a romper or something. I’ll make an embarrassing admission here: Until August 2014, I hadn’t bought myself new underwear since 2011. Judge me. Growing up and managing your own shit is NOT A CAKE WALK when you don’t have a mom taking you to Kmart every 6 months for a new pack of Hanes.

Food Category

As mentioned in the food and dining bullet under finance, I was basically eating my feelings this month. I let myself rely on the convenience of grabbing a sandwich near my office instead of spending 5 minutes in the morning to just make myself one that would cost 80% less. My feelings weren’t just the need for quick and easy though, this month.

Some of my most disgusting feelings were brought to me largely in part by the corner store across the street called “Food Basket”:

  • Doritos & Sun Chips
  • Tostitos Scoops with Tostitos Salsa Con Queso
  • Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Froyo
  • Tater Tots & Chicken Nuggies
  • Barbecue Pizza
  • French Bread Pizza

Since I’ll be eating on a budget in September. There will be lots of rice & beans, salads, and frozen fruit smoothies on my menu. 

Fitness Category

I always plan to work out 5-6 days a week. Sometimes it happens, sometimes I’m physically unable to do it after an exhausting day at work. I follow plenty of fitness boards on Pinterest, so I willingly submit myself to motivational posters like this:

I think to myself “Yeah, yeah, yeah. The excuse that I needed to get a cheap high from a chocolate chip cookie instead of riding on an ARC trainer for 30 minutes slashed my sense of uselessness and burned my ambition to keep on top of the myfitnesspal.com food journal I update when I’m trying to make myself feel worse than this motivational poster could. And that cookie also made me feel FUCKING AWESOME.”

This week I worked out on Monday and Tuesday.

  • 30 minutes on the ARC trainer
  • 30 crunches on a large fitness ball
  • 16 standing ab rollouts on a large fitness ball
  • 15 leaning camels with a 10 lb dumbbell
  • 20 russian twists with a 10 lb dumbbell
  • 10 ball passes with a medium fitness ball
  • 20 side bends with 10 lb dumbbells on each side
  • 20 reps on the ab machine with 45 lbs
  • 10 reps on the ab machine with 50 lbs
  • 20 reps on the hip adductor machine with 50 lbs
  • 30 reps on the hip abductor machine with 50 lbs
  • 20 reps on the butt machine (this is better than what it’s actually called) at 50 lbs

Next week, I know that I’ll be busy and stressed out at work, but my remedy will be routine, routine, routine.  


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