Hump Day! What’s On My Plate

When I said that food was one of the things I gave an F about, I HOPE you didn’t think I meant only health food. I recognize the value of a bowl of quinoa when it’s stuck in someone else’s teeth and I love kale when it’s been stuck in a blender with other non cruciferous produce. There are just some things that get in between me and eating like a food blogger with an SLR camera every day. Sometimes I’m too exhausted from working all day and exercising so I just grab something easy, and sometimes I’m like… Ew, quinoa. Who the hell made you popular? Seriously, I’m going to make quinoa the next food allergy fad when everyone realizes that bread is AWESOME and has not been causing their first world problems. All of my feelings about the much praised grain aside, the biggest obstacle between myself and always cooking healthy food is my kitchen.


My last apartment in Brooklyn had such a big, spacious kitchen. Big refrigerator, full-sized four burner gas stove and oven, big sink, counter space, floor space, etc. Now, I live in a studio that is practically the same size as that big kitchen that I loved, and the area where I cook meals is what a broker would call a “nook”. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Stupid NookThis is my kitchen. It might look like just some cupboards, counter tops and a refrigerator, but let’s play a game of I-Spy and I’ll give you the grand tour.

  • On the right, you will see the refrigerator. Big enough for two people, small enough that all the food touches the back wall of it and freezes. There is a depressed coupon dangling from a Crif Dog’s magnet attached to the fridge, pictures of kids I like (YES, I know who they are. AND they’re related to me!), a wedding invitation, a poem by Jack Spicer, and a piece of “art” I made two years ago.
  • Just for fun, here is my “art”.
But It's True. You're Wrong.
But It’s True. You’re Wrong.
  • To the left of the fridge you see a shiny box above some drawers. That is my “oven”. It microwaves things and if you stick a 13″x 9″ pan inside on oven mode to make lasagna, it sounds like a rusty carnival ride trying to turn!
  • My sink is tiny and invisible. The faucet is the Grim Reaper to my kitchen nightmares.
  • The counter space that appears to be counter space is actually my stovetop. I have two burners. Only one of them is big enough to heat a pot, the other is small enough to heat up a can of Chef Boyardee while it is still in the can.
  • All the way on the left, I am ashamed to share with you that my toaster oven (not to mention my steamer) live on the beautiful mantle piece.

Now that you’ve seen what I’m working with, I will admit it: I try. I really try. I want to make all the Paleo-friendly pasta and Vegan Muffin recipes I come across on Pinterest, but my counter space is the size of a Kindergartener’s desk and my stovetop also seems like something meant for 5 year olds.

What are your hacks for micro-living and inconvenient kitchens?



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