Nice To Meet You

This blog is about three things I give F’s about: Finance, Food, and Fitness. Who am I and Why am I writing about those things?

Normally, I avoid eye contact and any conversation with strangers, but I’ll make an exception for you. This is just the internet after all. I have no eye contact to avoid. 

I don’t have an elevator speech for myself, but after being trapped in one with me, here’s what you might learn:

My name is Sandy Lagoon. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer and live in New York City. I was also bored, lived in my imagination, and developed an unrealistic perspective about my potential and my future. I lived in Batavia, New York, a Godforsaken town between Buffalo and Rochester. My one way ticket out was the Writing Program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I graduated in 2010 with a BFA, a collection of poems titled “The Least Most Happy Time”, thirty grand in debt, and a promise to myself that I’d never look back and regret any of it. I stay true to that promise two days a week. The other five I’m a marketer, accounting assistant, and ghostwriter in the architecture industry. Dreams die hard and mine seriously won’t drop dead — even with the lethal injection I’ve administered to it after choosing a steady career over it. I’m not the writer I imagined myself to be, but I’m shaping up to be the person I never thought I could have been. In August 2013, I left my life in Brooklyn and moved to Boston. I live with my husband who is attending Boston University Medical School, and I’ve mostly gotten over feeling like crap for choosing a frivolous career path compared to him. Every day I watch him study, learn, and get involved with the medical community here, and I feel like he does enough meaningful work for both of us to be proud of ourselves for. It’s the woman behind the man they say, and I’m the one who feeds him and cleans his apartment. We got married on May 24th, 2014.

You might say, “that’s so lovely. Why is it Sandy Versus The World?”

And I would think to myself, “Crap my cell’s battery is about to die and we are still trapped in this elevator”. But I would say:

There’s so much more I could tell you. Remember that unrealistic perspective I mentioned? That’s what the world does to you. It makes you think that things are exactly as they seem. I say it’s me versus the world, because life is about out-smarting everything it throws at you, and figuring out the truth. Not the cosmic truth, duh. But the truth about how to live right without the bull shit.

Phew. That’s over.

Just so you know what I look like, I will give you a photo. Here is a selfie. I took it after watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, applying makeup, and fantasizing about being rich, beautiful, and carefree.

Sandy Selfie
Sandy Selfie

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